Besides standard Dalmatian dishes, Brac has many of its own culinary specialities. The Brac lambs that have not yet tasted grass, only their mother's milk are well known from ancient times; vitalac is particularly appreciated by gourmets - lamb's offal (liver, milt, heart, lungs) skewered and wrapped in lamb's sheath.

After turning them on live coals, the sticks are wrapped in lamb's intestines and then turned for another hour. Vitalac is then cut and eaten while the diners wait for the whole lamb to be baked. Another speciality is butalac - stuffed lamb's leg rubbed down with scented grass and splashed with wine or prosecco; also janjeci tingul (stewed lamb), lamb in "teca" (saucepan) and cooked. Dalmatian prsciuto and cheese Dalmatian prsciuto and cheese Brac cheese is also quite famous including procip. Procip is made of fresh cheese (not older than 24 hours.) which is cut into slices and baked in caramelized sugar.

A traditional and invigorating drink is smutica -made of 4/5 of fresh goat's milk and 1/5 of red wine; legend tells that it was recommended by .Hippocrates himself. Its tasfeand colour are unforgettable.

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